Wednesday, February 5, 2020

As Within, So Without

We are indoctrinated to invalidate feminine power any time we see it

We accomplish this with many different attacks but they all come quickly & forcibly

We might say a woman with power is shrill or schoolmarmish or not believable or an outright liar, someone who cannot be trusted; Eve, after all

We might say we ourselves do not object to a powerful woman but that everyone else will and in that way invalidate feminine power

We might sexualize her power in an attempt to diminish her and the very next minute 'righteously' abraid her when she rejects our sexualization and not only claims her own sexuality but shares it in accordance with her own power

We find ourselves feeling shame for reasons we haven 't got words for yet when we see a powerful woman asserting herself privately or publicly

We try to make the powerful woman feel our shame too, to be ashamed of herself and go back to quiet complicity with a world that grants her small quarter

We rewrite and we erase historical records of feminine accomplishment, we deny women access to certain spaces & mantles, we say that feminine work is intellectually & creatively inferior to male work across nearly all fields

We keep feminine power safely contained in our homes, demanding that it keep us fed, with clean clothes and environment, catering to our every comfort as we go about our business of overharvesting our earth's riches, mismanaging her abundances, creating unnecessary need while filling her with our detritus and poisins; in short, we treat our Earth as we treat our mothers, we take them for granted

We actively participate in a practice of collective imbalance and we are suffering for it without correctly identifying the source

Feminine power is myriad & I will not shame it or be shamed by it, I will listen to its substance & evaluate its results for myself. I will free myself of the bad tapes in my head & write my own program to follow.

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