Sunday, July 26, 2009

from a found napkin


this napkin was given to me by a woman in an italian restaurant bar in eagle, co, after many a shared cocktail and tale. i had told her i wanted to write a book or something, and she proceeded to tell me some about her life…..had the feeling she’d lived more than most, clearly most of it tough.  but she had a huge fire and passion for everything, and i truly enjoyed her stories and company that evening. it felt to me that she hungered to be known, and she wrote this down, hoping maybe that i’d use some of it somewhere.  i just moved, and consequently just went through all my stuff and this surfaced….feels like it wants out there…

‘signed: m.L.a.

american indian-lived in southeast asia. thailand–korea, 6 months in singapore 4 months in bataan (a side place of indonesia). traveled. but to find-hindu reality. husband ex con 1st man to ever record album in state penitentiary (san quentin) ran….next man, child from. father design the nuclear texa (?can’t make that word out) project built in 1974.’

i don’t know if a word of it’s true, but i can tell you i didn’t doubt her when i was looking at her eyes.  other people’s lives are amazing, and i think we all feel so ordinary….