Saturday, June 29, 2019

Freedom Fighting

Born in the land of the free
and I’m still working to get there
gonna be working forever unless I catch a break
have to guard against my government
exploiting fears to grab up liberties
while the President grabs whatever he pleases

Willed over so many freedoms
in the name of a small god that promised
my submissions would fulfill me but
he just left me on my knees
wondering what I wasn’t doing right

So now I am digging in the dirt
of my mind, pulling out the weeds
of others’ authority choking out my own
learning to author my own story
for the very first time

‘None free til we’re all free’
the freedom fighters say
and I wholeheartedly agree
as I make an offering of the keys
I am finding buried at the roots
of all the lies that have been robbing me