Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Sins of Omission

If I'm honest

I'd have to admit

that some part of me felt shame

at loving you 

a woman 

Afraid of what it would mean

to be seen as something other than

a standard bearing girl

As though the omission

of a phallus was an unthinkable abdication

of my desiring to be desired

As if I had not been raised

on the fantasy of being a woman lifted

in the arms of a larger man who

made me feel small and

could carry me easily off to bed

dutifully ignoring the threat

inherent in the dichotomy

And how as I allowed myself 

to fall for you I only knew to mimic

what I thought you wanted in a man

taking pleasure in play acting

the other side but failing to see 

it was the same unequal script 

And how I know now

we were resplendent in our softness

with nothing missing but 

the expectations we had swallowed

that omitted the truths 

of our irresistable love

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