Sunday, February 15, 2015


when i was a girl
i learned to be a man
quickly as possible
for survival
only the strong survive
everyone knows that
but if surviving is just being alive
i may not be interested
as much as i once thought
failure to thrive
is nipping at my throat
hope i don’t choke
just keep breathing, breathing
a breath
a new beginning born
this time not of blood
just air   
keep breathing,

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

fundamentalist blues

i watched you hold the severed head of a so very young girl
by her hair and scream into a camera your rage and contempt
but you also looked excited
by the carnage, the scent of blood in the air.
it gave you righteous indignation
and a reason to unleash your own destructions.
i wondered if you would treat the meat
of your son’s body in the same way
or if you would cloak and shield his hideousness
and hold him tenderly with deference.
a woman in your world may be a martyr
but will she ever have your respect

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

escape velocity


i am a spirit trapped in meat

my nature to transcend weighed down

by this vessel come from animals

the taste of blood still palatable on its tongue

i seek beauty to keep from rotting

the threat of decay held at bay by a quickened heartbeat

and the will to stand up against this gravity

it’s kill or be killed but i can’t swallow it

spend my time instead conjuring a dash of infinity

to temper this finite experience

something to escape the stench of excrement

even though i know ‘the best way out is always through’

to be inescapably true