Sunday, July 22, 2012

gas pump conflictions


filling my tank was relatively cheap today…gas is more affordable than it’s been for ages. nothing like an election year to get things done, i s’pose. happy as i am to have a few more dollars in my pocket, i can’t help wondering which policy i don’t agree with is sponsoring this windfall. was it the wars waged in oil filled lands, our compromising relationships with countries that have oil, offshore & protected land drilling here at home, or a group of wealthy & powerful captains of now failing industries paying  handsomely to get laws passed to keep gas prices down & people happy with the status quo? it’s disheartening to realize once again that the institutions of this world are corrupt & largely inept, but it’s true.

why is it that change is such a scary spectre for most of us? innovation can &, i believe, WILL save us, but we have to collectively let a few big things fail first. so petroleum is getting somewhat scarce & could          potentially be contributing to other problems with our habitat; maybe there’s only as much crude oil as there is because it was intended to be a short term fix, leading us to the next big energy epoch. i doubt many folks would object to the same old scions hanging around to keep making loads of money, as long as they threw their weight into inventing something paradigm shifting that’s profitable as well as positive for us and the planet. change needs to happen, & soon. we are raping & pillaging ourselves & our planet into extinction, or devolvement, at the very least. there has been more than one culling of this planet. it’s happened through ice ages, meteor impacts, plague. i vote that we wise up sooner rather than later & get creative again. it feels really good to create.  maybe it’s time to play mad scientist in the backyard and build a vehicle that can use the same resources that all the plants and animals on the planet use to survive. hopefully it will run on sunlight, wind or geothermal power rather than blood, and hopefully we’ll build it before we, the plants and animals cease to exist as we currently know it. 

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