Monday, December 5, 2016


I awake
In a bloodfilled world
Bits and pieces cut off me
By opportunists who say
If it can be taken
I should lose it

Looking down I find
I hold a knife
Blood trails to
Multiple victims
Blows thrown with no awareness
Are all the easier to deny

Unnerved I drop my knife knowing
It may cost me my life
But I’m not really living am I
What I want most is to be safe
So I disarm, I disarm
I lay my offenses down

If I can stay alive in this state
Perhaps it can replicate
As I learn to flow and deflect
To take no boarders on

A world full of blood
Is a world full of madness
So I disarm, I disarm
I lay my defenses down
All I want is to be safe
In this world
And to be around

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