Sunday, October 29, 2017

my new voice

*this was my first ever post, but at some point I decided it was too naive? hopeful? grandiose?, and took it down. Today, however, I am casting it back out into the collective.*
I do not know who took the aurora photo, if it is not in the public domain, I am not intending to steal.

so this is an epochal moment for me. tonight i’m posting my first serious blog, using my new voice, if you will… say whatever it is that moves me to speak. and to give it credence, which is somewhat of an art form, and hard won. it is one thing to be moved by the truth one encounters, and another to expect your fellow beings to see and recognize the same truth, or one even remotely like it. what makes something true? is it a many years old manuscript? the popular vote? scientific proof? a mathematical expression of the dance of the universe? a dogmatic invocation of great truths made small? or maybe a still, small voice that resonates in your heart, reverberates through your ribcage and lets you know UNEQUIVOCALLY that your will is in harmony with something bigger than you, that wants nothing more fervently than the good of all. it’s hard to take the opinion of the last, in the face of the hard evidence of things like societal norms, political mechanisms, economic algorithms, and even genuine expression of art. what could possibly be left to say that could remotely matter? except i can’t quit thinking about it….or believing i have something to contribute to the conversation. . i have been fascinated and viscerally moved by the northern lights since i ran into them in earth science, circa 1982 (?). and you know what? no matter how many posted pics there are online, and they number in the billions, there’s not a ONE that’s not spectacular in some fashion. it can’t NOT be, it’s the nature of the phenomenon. the individual expression is as nuanced as the person observing and framing the shot. so…tonight i pitch my voice into the great wide open….maybe even in amongst those crazy, natural works that lick the sky alight in colored flames. i believe we ALL matter. i believe our voices ALL exist for a particular expression, despite what we may have ALL been taught, told or expected to believe. i don’t expect ALL to get it, but i’m puttin’ it out here because i can’t not, because i want to contribute to a new, better world than the one we currently have created together, and because i dream of a place where TRUE democracy (i.e. everyone has a voice that literally counts) thrives and is not enforced by either the instruments of brute force, societal ‘norms’, theocratic sophisms, or conventional expectations. so…….welcome to bloodlesscoupblog….a place where thinking big, coloring outside the lines, and speaking your particular truths can perhaps overthrow an oppressive thought regime (or several), and yet, shed no further blood, cuz it’s been enough already.
welcome….your voice is invited, your perspective needed. visit and comment often!
aurora borealis

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